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​We are pleased to announce that the 2018 inaugural Holy Smokes BBQ Contest will take place on Saturday, August 11th, 2018 from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm at the newly renovated Camp George Forbes located at 25440 Harvard Road in Highland Hills, Ohio.


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Brother Les Kurz & Friends

Location: Hallandale, Fla, USA
Description: Positive and meaningful songs. Good voice. Cross-over genre. A pleasant blend that reflects Brother Les' exposure to many influences.
Biography: Sporting a 40 year career in music having been on program and/or played in concert and/or recorded with Pete Seeger, Bela Fleck, Stan Musial, Dick Curless, The Beachboys, Don McLean, Hank Thompson, Tommy Makem, Tina Turner, Reverend Frettderick Douglas Kirkpatrick, Olatunji, and others.For 20 years of his life, Les Kurz performed as a professional entertainer...both as a solo performer or as part of the Rainbow Union or American Pie Bands. He shared his music for tens of thousands of listeners , shared the stage with some of the best known entertainers, performed at some of the best known concert halls, resorts, night spots and Universities, and campgrounds; his life was filled with pomp and stage lights, travel and success... something was missing. There was no Jesus in his life. Oh, there was plenty of religion, Les was born into the Jewish religion, and spent many years in Hebrew School studying the Bible (Torah) and Jewish history; but Jesus was missing from the curriculum. Les attended church sometimes, but seldom christian ones. Then, it happened. Jesus started ‘moving in’ on Les’s life. First, he met a Baptist pastor, folksinger, *recording artist and civil rights activist Rev. Frederick Douglas Kirkpatrick, they began singing, writing and recording together. Les recorded one album with Brother Kirk in New York and became involved in a community coffeehouse project to open up lines of communication between people: based on the theory ‘once you’ve sang with a person, supped with a person and hugged the person.you can’t hate the person anymore. You might disagree with them and disagreement’s ok. So Les brought the concept to North Adams Massachussets and Bangor, Maine. Then, about a decade later, after the passing of ‘Brother Kirk’, and the roots of a family in place, Les came to Florida. It was in Arcadia, Florida on the second day of his arrival he met Rev. Ernest Elijah Cross, who became his Spiritual father. Les heard him speak at a Martin Luther King Jr. Day municipal event. That was the beginning of a friendship which would last until Rev. Cross’s passing in June of 2010. Many of Les’s songs began as a sermon by pastor Cross. After moving from Maine to Florida, putting a down payment on a large home...Les and his family rented out a room in their home to a Mexican migrant farm worker...he turned out to be the assistant pastor of the Mexican Evangelical Church. Jesus had me surrounded; our meal table would often turn into a debate with the Mexican pastor and a Bible packing mother-in-law. One day, while he was in a hospital bed in Punta Gorda, Florida, Les reached for a Gideon Bible, began to re-read the Old Testament and then.for the first time in his life.he crossed over to the New testament and found Jesus and I found ‘me’, again and again. I couldn’t put the book down. “That Mexican pastor bought me my first Bible,” recalls Les. Les is still singing and writing but the lyrics and topics are quite different. He has taken his lifelong style of writing positive message songs and adding Christian based themes and direction. Combining his cross-cultural appeal, time tested talent and experience; he delivers a unique package. These are not just songs. They are living Christian messages of life -now! They are easy to carry with you to share the message, they can be easily learned the first time you sing them. They will make you happy, make you sad, start you thinking, and step on your toes (while they are tapping.) Les says about his new mission in life (going on 20 years) - “Thank God for Bible packin’ Mother-in-laws.” A few years ago Les was physically injured in an attack. He can no longer play guitar, but continues limited performance dates...singing with a band, tracks or accompanyist *Reverend Kirkpatrick’s recordings can be obtained through Smithsonian/Folkways records.
Press Release:
PRESS RELEASE NEW SONGS RELEASED - FOR CHRISTMAS AND BEYOND. WHOLESOME, POSITIVE MESSAGE - EASY TO CARRY WITH YOU. We are submitting these songs to you for review and possible airplay. If you should decide to use them - I would appreciate you letting us know. Contact me at brotherleskurz@gmail.com - or by tel: 954 454 9136 Christian Woman - This song shoots from the hip. It's catchy uptempo rhythm is infectious. Talks about the fallacy of Independence, and the value of a Christian family. Jean Gordon joins Les with some beautiful and strong vocals. There's A surprise ending. Good for year 'round play. On Christmas Day - A spoof commentary on the commercialization of the holiday. Join the children as they lift your spirits and drive the message home. The Year When Christmas Never Came - In this day of terrorism, wars everywhere, and some near catastrophic nuclear disasters - remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki - and Chernobyl and Three Mile Island and the most recent ones in Japan. Not suggested for Christmas Day......... The amazing keyboards are by Chris Stone.

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Nanze invites you to join us for an evening of food, fun, and festivities! $25 ticket price includes unlimited beer, & well drinks, as well as assorted appetizers (7:00-9:00PM). There will also be a Chinese raffle, silent auction, and 50/50 raffle.

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