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Location: Montrose, California, USA
Description: Positive Christian Rock and Roll!
Biography: In October 1999, 3 very different men united. One, a Police Officer, one the president and CEO of an international tech company, one a sales manager for an industrial materials manufacturer. The only thing these three individuals had in common was that they were embarking on a journey to know Jesus Christ. Steve, the Sales Manager and family man had not known Jesus Christ during his life, but in one life altering instant, he made a promise, a "deal", with God. This deal would give him new hope and a life he never dreamed possible. Mike, the Police Officer and family man was raised without God. Years of witnessing death, violence and pain on the mean streets of Los Angeles led him down the dark path of questioning the very existence of God. After years of emptiness, a cry out to God with one simple prayer "Show me the way!" led him to Christ, the Church and a new life. Jorge, the CEO of an international tech company and family man, is a life long Catholic. He learned that Steve was interested in knowing Christ and entering the Church. Jorge committed himself to sponsoring and mentoring Steve throughout his journey. This commitment helped to strengthen his faith and experience the Joy of watching stone-hearted men break down the barriers and receive Christ. We became involved in the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) in October of 1999, desiring to enter the Catholic Church. This would be the beginning of powerful life changes, the formation of deep friendships and the birth of the Christian Rock Ministry now known as Rise! In the early part of 2003 our prayer and search for the right 4th member was answered when drummer Mike Partain joined our ministry. Mike is a Protestant who has played drums with a Catholic choir for several years. He has an extensive rock and roll background from the same generation and style as Steve, Mike and Jorge. The coolest part, Mike Partain has been attending RCIA and will be welcomed into the Church this Easter Vigil 2006, Praise Jesus! In August 2005 we were invited to participate and perform during World Youth Day 2005 festivities. This was an incredible experience! Not only did we perform several times, but we also provided daily news reports, a blog and pictures from the event to, and on February 1, 2006 our second CD, "Stand the Line" was released! The Journey has just begun...Stay Tuned....
Press Release:
After almost 3 years in the making, the new CD, Stand The Line, from the Catholic band RISE is scheduled to hit stores on February 1, 2006. We recently had the exclusive opportunity to sample 3 songs from the new CD and the guys have definitely found their sound! With the addition of new drummer Mike Partain, the guys, Steve Rogers (lead singer, writer) Mike Beloud (guitar) and Jorge Ramirez (bass) have completed songs that can be described in one word, REAL! From the song “Maybe Someday”, a true Rock n' Praise tune, to the Acoustic heartfelt song “Half Way”, the guys have definitely been touched by the Holy Spirit in creating music that will be loved by teens as well as adults. RISE has also added a new level to Christian music with a song called “Cancers Creation.” We have never heard a song like this in Christian or secular music. Steve Rogers bravely opens his soul and writes about his experience with cancer and the guys presentation of this song will have you by your heart strings. The new CD is true to Rise’s Rock n' Roll roots, from the sound and feel of Bon Jovi to the writing and harmonies of the Eagles. Stand The Line is a CD for those who miss the genuine sound of a classic Rock band blended with a strong love and devotion for our Lord. These guys have nailed it! In the words of the Righteous Brothers; "If there's a Rock n' Roll heaven, you can bet RISE will be headlining! Although Stand The Line won’t be available in stores until February 1, 2006, the guys have already begun pre-sales on their web site with a lot of great incentives for fans who pre-purchase the CD. Be sure to reserve your copy ASAP, we already have! (This update is courtesy of Gary Gersin at

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