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Bud Morris-artist/songwriter
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Description: i do Christian music,some say it is contemporary with a country rock type feel or just alternative Gospel
Biography: Known as Rick, Richard, Ricardo,to me I'm just Bud. Born in St.Louis Mo. with roots in Tennessee and the Ozarks of Missouri. Had lived, moved and traveled a lot, Right now not much to say abgout my past except it was mostly dysfunctional and abusive.

Been a christian since Febrary 1999, bapitized April 1999. At times I still fall on my face, He then picks me back up. It's as I am always just beginning. One day I went to chruch service at Hoffman town West Church in Albuquerque NM Pastor Todd Cook seemed to be looking right at me and said God loves you. I knew then God talked to me that day and I listened. Then Todd's Co Pastor Randal Stotts had the hand with God to baptize me. A little later I started going to Calvary Chapel Church. I sat in the back pews at first then later started sitting in the front pews

because I believed and trusted what Pastor Skip Heitzig was saying. Pastor Skip(at least to me ) became my teacher, preacher, meantor, brother and friend. Pastor Skip is now back in California. Which he and his family are ever in my prayers. Continue ties with Calvary with some of the people and ministries their. Have moved on to New Beginnings Church with Pastor Richard Mansfield, wonderful Pastor, teacher with people there of God's lvoe, helping, giving and always doing God's work, Did a lot of secular music of past with successful artists of the time. By mid 1980's i put the music mostly behind me moved from Tennessee to Irving Texas, then in New Mexico late 2001 working at a computer chip company i met Stephanie, she liked the songs Layla and Dust in The Wind. So then I bought a guitar to play them songs for her, at first I could not even make any chords for about a couple of weeks or so. Just after that I met Sheryl-folksinger/Artist, worked with her for some months, then she moved on, I pray Sheryl, Carlos & Kimi for the best for them. Then about 6 months later another lady named Cerita, we both wrote a song together, Since April 2003 I have been blessed with about 400 songs to write so far. I know my voice, even though I'm improving is not the best.

Press Release:
I have just released a new CD. Please feel free to browse my site at, and if you would like a CD, then please feel free to contact me.

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