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Location: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A
Description: Unique hardcore bangin' beats with a twist of old school and new school, but keepin' to the HipHop roots.
Biography: P.O.E.T., born Joshua David Brawner... Born in Springfield, IL(ILL STATE)...raised in Jacksonville, IL....many years in St. Louis, residing in Los Angeles, CA. His God given mic name, P.O.E.T.(Prophet Of Eternal Testament) was prophetic and poetic in that he indeed is a poet and a prophet, or one who speaks for God. This emcee has been writing and rhyming since he was twelve, and now he uses the abilities that God has blessed him with to bring glory to Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior of his LIFE. Upon moving to Los Angeles in 2000, he was blessed to be able to meet D'Andre Messenger Franklin, the founder of Angelboy Music Group. Since then, he and D'Messenger have been busy recording P.O.E.T.'s freshman album, poetically called '777 DEGREEZ', which is sure to speak volumes for the ministry of Gospel Hip-Hop music. Versatility in style and expression from a variety of up-and-coming producers mark this project as an anointed bomb as well. P.O.E.T. has had several live performances within the city of Los Angeles and surrounding areas, including multiple appearances at Upper Room Christian Church(Pastor Reginald H. Jones) in South Cental L.A., a youth explosion at Church On The Way(Pastor Jack Hayford) in Van Nuys, CA., and a gig for the youth at Cottonwood Christian Center(Pastor Bayless Conley) in Los Alamitos, CA. He also has been blessed to be able to rip the mic at the underground spot Ground Zero on the campus of the University of Southern California. P.O.E.T. loves and respects the underground, but seeks to bring his rhymes about Christ Above-Ground, believing intensely that Christian Hip-Hop should be bangin in all the same eardrums that mainstream secular hip-hop is. A passionate admirer of the hip-hop culture at it's roots, P.O.E.T.s mission is to bring truth and clarity to a world filled with confusion, mixed messages, and lies, through the Word of God in rhyme. To the people of God, the message is...LET'S GO, SAINTS. To the world, the message is clearly and distinctly...JESUS IS ALL&.
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