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SSnLITE Ministries
SSnLITE Ministries

Location: Marietta, GA, USA
Description: Generally, our music is real and unique. We have a one of a kind style that reflects who we are on the inside. It is none other than God's Word through ministry, over God given sounds. Our ministry reflects that we are takin it to a new level.
Biography: SSnLITE Ministries, formed in 2006, is a ministry/movement that’s not limited to Rap, RnB, Hip Hop, or Gospel. Their ministry is based on their marriage, their love for music, and their commitment to Christ. What makes their style unique in their ministry is placing emphasis on “knowing who you are in Christ”, and being real musically. They are a true “spiritually led” ministry! They believe there’s a difference when you are called to be a rapper, from when you are called to be a minister, because being a minister doesn’t limit you to one area of focus. They also believe that bringing new ministry flavor to the music world will help bring souls into the Kingdom, including the many individuals that are now seeking and doing anything to develop their own style. SSnLITE wants to share the missing ingredient, which is Christ. So their main mission is to spread the love of Christ through their ministry, and help lead others to Christ by their life example. Expect more from SSnLITE Ministries as they continue to grow in Christ! More albums, new beats, new ministry, including a new movement, U-M.A.D.(U-Makin A Difference), that was launched early 2009.
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