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1st Mind Records / DJ Soto

Location: Houston, Tx, us
Description: Always put GOD first no matter what....My music comes from the heart and what I've been thru in life. So with that said I always keep in mind that when the opportunity comes to shine, stand out with a positive attitude and professional behavior.
Biography: DJ Soto BIO:

DJ Soto was born August 25, 1984 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He came into the United States at 4 years old to the state of Texas, where his mother was ill with a deadly disease. DJ Soto started off living in Baytown, Texas where his aunt who show him the step's to being a wonderful DJ. In the city of Baytown there was not that many doctor's that could help DJ Soto mother with your health. So he was moved to Houston, Texas where his Grandmother took very good care of him. He had a long life ahead of him. In 1990 DJ Soto lost his mom at the age of 6 years old. But there was nothing stopping him from his music. DJ Soto always love listening to DJ Screw, SUC,J DAWG, Big Moe, Lil Keke, DJ Quik, DJ Michael Watts, Z-Ro, Trae, Young Buck, Cash Money, Lil Wayne and much more. Thru-out the hard time in DJ Soto life, DJ Soto was always a happy person that show everyone love. DJ Soto loved playing sports and other activities, but not as much as he loved his music. Music was something that no one could take away from him. Even thru-out everything DJ Soto has been thru. There was no way he was giving up his music. His grandmother was taking care of him in the city of Houston TX. When she became ill DJ Soto was moved back to Baytown TX. where he had plans for his music becoming successful. So he started up a Record Label that many didn't want to see make it. Even dow no one wanted him to do the label thing, he did it anyway. That just a sample of him showing that no one is going to stop his dreams. DJ Soto for some reason could always tell the real from the fake. Which a lot of people didn't know or understand. But from hanging out with real peeps and fam. He know what the game was and is still all about. People up to this day still try's to play him for a fool, but thats just something that will never happen. DJ Soto has been thru it all and he thinks there's nothing that could ever change what he already know. The more he became successful, the more haters he seen. "lol" Which is funny, cause we all see them everyday even when you live or live around them. Thru out all this, that’s going on he still does his music thing.


1st Mind Records was founded in 1999 by a man who goes by the name of J-Pooh.Its is a family business that is well known around the South West of HoustonTexas.The C.E.O. of first mind goes by the name of Black G.The Artists under the label are, J.DOT,DJ SOTO,SLIMM CHANCE,DADDY GRACE,AND LIL MIXX.They Recently Releast A Mixtape called'Follow Yo First Mind'.It has over 100 downloads on the internet.They are soon to release their 2nd mixtape called 'Got Green'. And looking forward to Releasing Their first Album.
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